SLAC Responds to COVID - NEW SLAC N95 Mask Manufacturing Machine

SLAC International would like to introduce Mingjia, one of our Manufacturing Operations in Shandong Province, China has developed and is now manufacturing equipment to assist in the continued global concerns on the Coronaviruses and the present COVID-19 Pandemic. Mingjia CV20R automatic N95 mask production system is used for full-automatic N95 ‘folding mask’ production. The mask production system is equipped as follows: The multi-layer non-woven material rolls are organized and fed through compound roll welding after overlaying feeding controls. Nose bar lines are welded after unrolling and cutting. Two rolls of elastic banding options are welded to the mask material after automatically unrolling and cutting to designated length. The automatic vision detection is used for inspecting and qualifying masks throughout the process. The masks are folded in half post-inspection for further assembly. After ultrasonic welding and fusion, the masks are rolling-cut and formed to shape. The 2nd automatic vision system detects unqualified masks. Scrap masks are automatically discharged. Finished N95 masks are automatically stacked and discharged for further packaging.

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The Boxer - Twice the Output of a Conventional Bodymaker

in Bodymaker

✓ Twice the output of a conventional Bodymaker

✓ Reduced floor space

✓ Energy use per can reduced by at least 40%

✓ Very low vibration

✓ Commercial: the first machine has been delivered to a customer in Europe

✓ The List Price is less than 2 conventional SLAC Bodymakers and less than a single competitive Bodymaker at this time

Maintaining the best ROI that SLAC always strives to offer the industry The Boxer will be on view in Metpack

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A New Choice in Can Printing

in Printing

SLAC SC-DP-200 Digital Printer brings new benefits to can decoration:

✓ Higher resolution: easy to reach >300dpi

✓ Realistic graphics: CMYK+2 Special colors generating millions of colors

✓ Offset or photo quality pictures

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Corima Vacuum Tester Improvements

in Vacuum Tester

✓ CPU new generation

✓ HMI with moveable arm, Touch screen, Remote assistance

✓ Pressure switch + gauge on lubrication rings

✓ New transducers for more accuracy

✓ Absolute encoder

✓ New pneumatic components

✓ Position Indicators

✓ Optional: New vacuum pump (long lasting and maintenance free)

✓ Possibility to have the machine with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation

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