SLAC supports a range of solutions to support the can production line. The range of products can be broken down into four categories:

  1. High Speed EOE Line
  2. High Speed 2-Piece Can Line
  3. Inspection Equipment
  4. Auxiliary Equipment

Complete High Speed Easy Open Ends Manufacturing Line

SLAC delivers a comprehensive solution to the customer according to their production specifications. Solutions include customized high-speed production lines and complete solutions for Easy Open Ends for any level of manufacturing.


Complete High Speed 2-pc Can Making Line

SLAC delivers a giant step in 2-pc can making equipment research and manufacturing. With major units recently launched on the market, including cupper, bodymaker, trimmer, necker, inside  coater, etc. SLAC is the recognized leader in can making lines.


Integrated Solutions For Production Line

SLAC provides turnkey EOE production line and 2-pc can production line based on specific requirements of the individual customer.



High speed eoe line

High Speed Shell Systems

High Speed Conversion Systems

high speed 2 piece can line

Cupper System



Inside Coater



inspection equipment

Vision Inspection System

Light Leakage Inspection System

Score Residual Measuring Device

Can Vacuum Tester

auxiliary equipment

Score Post Repair Machine

Automatic Balancing System

Automatic Bagger


Plastic Wrapper / Unwrapper


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